Top 10 PPC Automation and Management Tools

PPC automation tools are vital to manage bidding, setting and other areas of your PPC campaign. These tools make your campaign more effective.

Now, look at the following PPC automation tools used to optimize campaigns and maximize profits.


PPC automation wordstreamWordStream is a powerful PPC automation tool that assists you in optimizing your money with PPC Software and boosts your performance with Free Graders. If you want to save time, money or revive your account, you can opt for WordStream.

This automation tools use three steps to make your PPC campaign better –

  • Analyse – AdWords Performance Grader is a tool to mark your present position and look for improvement.
  • Optimize – WordStream Advisor works to get great results.
  • Maximize – WordStream users convert 60% more leads while reducing cost by 10%.


PPC automation adrollAdRoll is the world leader in retargeting. You can guide your potential visitors to help generate sales with this united automation tool that reaches across desktops, mobiles and all around the web.

It supports cross-platform, so it’s simple to set up a PPC campaign across Facebook, Google and over 200 other ad exchanges and networks. It analyses your accomplishments and calibrates your campaign.


PPC automation semrushSEMRush, created by SEO professionals to assist marketers who are working in the same niche. You can include SEMRush in your PPC campaign for quality organic research, advertising research, display advertising, product listings ads, back links and keyword research.

This PPC automation tool takes advantage of the Keyword difficulty tool to help understand the strain on keywords, Domain vs. Domain tools to visualize data, and charts to track the performance within a few clicks.

Its plans and prices are $69.95 for PRO, $149.95 for GURU and $549.95 for businesses.


PPC automation spyfuSpyFu is a PPC automation tool that deals in SEO Research, PPC Research, Keyword Research, and Backlinks. It looks for site’s paid keywords and ad spend history to develop a PPC-attentive system.

You will get a clear view on bidding to shield your PPC campaign from threats. This tool compares Weaknesses, Keyword Universe, Exclusive Buy, and Core niche to find out which keywords you need to keep or drop.

With SpyFu you can build and export your ad group easily, find your most consistently effective keywords.


PPC automation adespressoAdEspresso PPC automation tools cater for Facebook Advertising campaigns. This provides you a complete A/B testing for your Facebook PPC campaign.  You can create multiple variations of an ad in just three clicks.

This tool provides polished and robust analytics that help you find out and eliminate underperforming ads to save time and money. It delivers recommendations to minimize your PPC and increase your ROI up to an additional 43%.

There are three types of price plans run by AdEspresso, which are Base ($49), Premium ($149) and Elite ($299).


PPC automation qwayaQwaya is also a Facebook ads tool for professionals. This PPC automation tool assists you in designing and organizing your Facebook PPC campaign. It allows easy ad creation, Google Analytics and automation, which include scheduling, rules and ad rotation.

Qwaya also utilizes multiple functionalities for your Facebook PPC campaign, such as – Ad scheduler, Ad campaign, Ad rotation, Multi product ads, URL builder, Google analytics integration, Multi user, Targeting and ad templates, Campaign organizer, Split testing, Excel export and a Free training session.

The premium plan and business plan costs $149 and $249, respectively.


PPC automation adstageAdStage is a cross-network PPC reporting and PPC automation tool. You can create, manage, analyse and optimize your AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads campaigns all in one place.

You get comprehensive reporting tools, creation and management tools like bulk editing, campaign grouping and ad variation testing across search and social plus automation tools so you place your campaigns on autopilot with rules, alerts, dayparting, a/b testing, flighting and more.

Their starter, standard and professional plans cost $299, $499 & $749 respectively.


PPC automation jumpflyJumpfly specializes in PPC management. It provides fives types of PPC services: PPC management overview, full service PPC management, shopping feed management, PPC management for agencies and non-profit advertising.

Their monthly fees are dependent on your monthly ad spend starting at $400 for a $1500 monthly ad spend.  Check out their site for more information.


PPC automation speedppcSpeedPPC is an automation tool designed to better your PPC campaign by providing high quality scores, decrease your cost per click, and boost conversions with traffic.  It assists you in targeting the most profitable keywords to create great ads with ideally matched landing pages.

This PPC automation tool helps affiliates, businesses and agencies. With this, you can make more profit with less work, get more targeted traffic to your website, and improve the click through rate of your ads.

PPC Web Spy

PPC automation ppcwebspyPPC Web Spy is a keyword research tool. You can rapidly find any Google AdWords advertiser’s keywords within a few seconds. It helps you build your own huge list of highly profitable keywords, find which AdWords advertisers are promoting on,, or and their landing pages, too.

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