Google Adwords and the Art of PPC Advertising for Newbies

Nowadays, for a business to stay competitive it has to look to using the Internet to promote its products and services. One of the best ways to market online is Google AdWords. It is an effective advertising platform for attracting potential customers.

When a user is looking for a service or a product, they will go online to search for information either for research or for making a purchase. When they find something relevant, they will click on the entry and arrive on the landing page of the website. Using the Google AdWords platform enables you to get in front of those users searching for your product or service.

Many small business owners think that advertising using Google AdWords complicated and expensive. However, by launching an efficient and effective Google AdWords campaign, they can boost their sales to grow their business quickly and more easily than using traditional forms of advertising.

What is Google AdWords?

question markGoogle AdWords is an auction-based online advertising platform run by the Google Corporation. It is a cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) method of advertising where you pay only when someone clicks on your adverts.

It is a simple process to start advertising with Google AdWords. Your elect to have your ads show up on the search results page or its partner websites. You can start with a small budget and can stop or pause any time you want.

The following are key components of a running campaign:

  • Keywords
  • Placement
  • Ad Rank
  • Bid
  • Quality Score
  • Landing Page

Keywords are the words or phrases that people use to search for your products or services. When a user starts a search query, Google processes the request and executes an auction for every keyword that in turn determines which advert will display for that specific search and in which order.

You can control the order placement of your ads by bidding on the keywords you want to target. The more popular the keyword i.e. the more searches that occur using that keyword the more you have to bid to get your advert shown.

The order of ads on search results pages depends on the rank of the advert. Two factors determine Ad Rank:

Quality Score * Bid = Ad Rank

Bid management is very important to increasing your ad rank. You can customize your bid according to your budget and relevancy of keywords. The quality score of any keyword describes the quality of your ad and relevancy of your landing page.

A high quality score means low-cost and high ad rank.

The key to a successful Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign is to pin down the keywords used by your prospective buyers, bid successfully on those keywords to get your advert to show then send them to a landing page that provides the information the user wants when they click.

Choosing the Correct Keywords for Your Campaign

boy searchingKeywords are the foundation for any Google AdWords campaign. Selecting the right keywords can make or break a campaign. High search volume does not always equate to high sales. Users have all sorts of reasons for their searches and buying a product or service is only one of them.

When you have the right keywords dialled in with a matching landing page, you will improve your click-through rate and quality score to gain higher conversions for your adverts.

A few tips for selecting the most profitable keywords for your ad campaign:

  1. Think like a customer and research terms that a buyer searching for your product or services would use.
  2. Use the keyword planner tool in Google AdWords to discover profitable keywords that you can test in your campaigns. Additionally you can gather data about the keyword like estimated cost per click, the keyword demand, search volume and much more.
  3. Select the keywords that are more specific and relevant to your product or service. Test out general or specific keywords and monitor to see if they are providing profitable results.
  4. Group similar keywords and ads together. It will help to organize different ad groups in different categories based on product or services and achieve a better quality score.
  5. Add negative keywords to your campaign to reduce cost and improves click-through rate (CTR). Negative keywords allow you to stop your advert from displaying for non-relevant search results.
  6. Use the search term report to measure the performance of your keywords. It provides complete information about the keywords used in the search query when people clicked on your ads. It helps you to identify negative keywords.
  7. Incorporate the best keyword match type. Whether it is a broad match, exact match or phrase match, select the appropriate option for your ad campaign.

You can improve your Google AdWords performance by discovering the best keywords to target, allowing you to run cost efficient campaigns.

How to Create Compelling Google Ads?

Creating compelling ad copy plays a vital role in your Google AdWords campaign.  Ad copy is the promise of an answer to your audience’s search. It is a bridge between the search query and your landing page.

Your goal is to create an advert that will bring the potential searchers to your landing page where your product or service is the solution to their problem and get the sale.

It is important to realise you have a very limited amount of text to convey your message and get a user to click on your advert.

Here are few tips for creating compelling and effective ad copy:

  • Your ad must be relevant to the search query. It should give the best possible answer to the searcher’s query.
  • For a better CTR, include the main keywords in your ad headline and description. It makes your ad more creative and relevant, and that improves the performance of your campaign.
  • Include a call to action (CTA) in your ads to increase its effectiveness. A call to action gets the user to take an action to get the results they are looking for.
  • Include captivating headlines to draw the attention of your audience highlight your product’s specific benefits, features and price in the next two description lines.
  • Test different ad text and select the perfect ad copy that has a high CTR and conversion rate.

Following the above guidelines and you can create compelling ad copy that compels searchers to click on your ads. Resulting in an AdWords campaign that draws in prospects and buyers for your products and services resulting in sales for your business.

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