Hello, my name is Byron Coke.

I’m a Lead Generation and Conversion consultant based in London, UK.

This section is to give you an insight into the person behind the business as we may be working together in the future.

I got my first computer in the summer of 1983, a Commodore 64 and started writing games with a couple of friends I went to school with.

While I did make some money, I was not as successful as I had envisioned. However one highlight of my career as a games writer was having a game I wrote get to #8 in the computer charts at the time.

I got into commercial IT in 1989 with a job at P & O Containers picking up mainframe and Unix skills. I moved onto the Legal Aid Board a couple of years later improving my Unix skills even more before getting into contract work 18 months later.

The varied types of contracts I did allowed me to increase my IT repertoire across operating systems, software applications, computer hardware and companies. I got online around 96 and looked at starting my own online business with an idea to create a jobsite. This introduced me to the world of the Internet and the technologies involved in working online.

I started teaching myself about websites, web servers, databases, email servers, HTML and a whole slew of other skills and disciplines N.B. most people have no concept of what goes on in getting an online business going – it’s more than you think. While I never was able to bring that project to fruition, I learnt a shedload of stuff that allowed me to progress my career within the realms of the Internet.

My next major taste of real entrepreneurship came about around 2000 when I worked for a start-up called AlldayPA, who provided call answering services for SMEs. I built and manage their entire IT infrastructure and helped build the company up to over 40 staff where they were handling over 5000 calls a day.

It was while working there that I got interested in marketing, obviously a key skill to have when growing a business. Through the Better Business Institute (BBI) an Australian marketing consultant business opportunity, I started adding marketing skills to my arsenal.

Anyway I was able to impress my then boss with my newly acquired marketing skills but by this time I wanted to get out and do things for myself and with my new skills I was confident I would be able to do so.

Since discovering the online marketing world, I have added skills covering PPC marketing, funnel building, email marketing and online lead generation just to name a few which has ultimately brought me to where I am now.

Below I have provided a link to an interview I did a few years ago when I talk a bit about my online business and myself. Things have changed a bit since then however it will provide some insights into the way I work. Hope to can take the time to listen, enjoy

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